12 Breakout Apps You May be Missing from your Salesforce Org

I’ll admit that I try to stay on top of the latest technology trends, am always looking for the newest gadgets, and always keep my iPhone apps up to date. So it should be no surprise that I am fascinated and excited by the newest AppExchange apps that hit the market. Salesforce customers tell me the different ways they try to stay abreast of the latest apps that help their sales, service, marketing, and back office teams do better work more efficiently.

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Google Cloud Next Reveals Market Momentum

Last week Google Cloud not only rocked the analytics world with news of acquiring Kaggle, they made over 100 announcements and hosted more than 10,000+ attendees at the annual Next event. Although Google Cloud had less than half of Amazon re:Invent 2016 attendance, the big enterprise wins,…

Link: Google Cloud Next Reveals Market Momentum
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Is Mobile Commerce Just Another Screen? [Video]

But should we view mobile as its own channel, just another screen for e-commerce or a bit of both? E-commerce, m-commerce or just commerce? For many e-businesses, mobile commerce is simply the online channel repackaged for mobile devices (whether through responsive design, web app or native app) rather than a distinct shopping experience.

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Mobile App UX Design: Making a Great First Impression

Did you know it takes only three to five seconds for someone to form a first impression? And while you might wish that opinion were based on person’s intelligence or experience, most studies show that first impressions are shaped by what can be seen or heard in those initial few seconds. And this portrait most likely won’t change.

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Pre-installed malware found on 38 Android devices

(WFLA) – Android users should beware of pre-installed malware, according to one global security vendor.
Check Point Software Technologies Inc. says its Mobile Threat Prevention recently detected malware in 38 Android devices that came with the phone.
The apps did not come from the vendor,…

Link: Pre-installed malware found on 38 Android devices
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Microsoft’s Playable Ads Lets You Test Apps Before Buying

You might recall that last year Google announced a new feature called Instant Apps where instead of users having to download an app to test it, the app can be run (sometimes in a limited capacity) from the web instantly, thus giving users access to certain features without wasting time downloading the app and installing it.

Link: Microsoft’s Playable Ads Lets You Test Apps Before Buying
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Nvidia and Microsoft Look to Standardize Cloud GPU

Nvidia is known globally for their high grade GPU technology. Mid-week during the Open Compute Project in Santa Clara, it showed off the new blue prints of an accelerator it had developed with Microsoft for the cloud. This new accelerator, dubbed the HGX-is an open source product based on Tesla P100 series, conceived under the Microsoft Olympus project.

Link: Nvidia and Microsoft Look to Standardize Cloud GPU
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SUSE acquires HPE’s cloud assets

HPE and SUSE, a top Linux distributor, have a complex relationship. First, HPE spun and merged its non-core software assets with Micro Focus. Micro Focus owns SUSE, a major Linux provider. Now, SUSE has finished acquiring cloud assets of HPE’s OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Stackato, HPE’s Cloud Foundry implementation.

Link: SUSE acquires HPE’s cloud assets
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Counterclockwise: Android grows up, goes to Play and make friends

It was six years ago when Android became the dominant OS in the United States – until the end of 2010, it was BlackBerry that commanded that market, while Apple s fledgling iPhones held the #3 spot. BlackBerry, the OS, is gone now, but at least it outlived Palm (which was #4 back then). This really was a long time ago, before even the Google Play store was born.

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10 best video chat apps for Android

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14 of the Best Apps to Raise Your Instagram Game

Imagine you are a carpenter and have been hired to build a table. You spend weeks crafting the design, sourcing the wood, measuring cuts, and finally building it. But then you figure that the final sanding will take too much time and that your customer won’t notice if you skip that step. But they will.

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Future Apple, Google campuses go for workplace glamour

About 10 miles away in Mountain View, Google is moving past the planning stage for a futuristic campus that, when it opens in 2019, will be the first major real estate project the search engine giant has built from scratch. The central building, which resembles a puffy white cloud, will be along a bicycle and pedestrian path that connects Google’s other offices.

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