How to install Tonido to enable cloud access to your desktop

When you’re constantly on the go, you know at some point you’ll need access to files on your desktop that aren’t already accessible. One way to avoid that collision with inconvenience is to install Tonido. Tonido turns a desktop into your own personal cloud, making it simple to gain access to your files and folders from the cloud via browser or mobile app.

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Great Trends in Mobile Design

It is evermore the case that the current flux in mobile design paradigms and philosophies is being driven by the continual advancement of technology. Yes, there are still trends in design styles and technique but they’re taking a back seat as web designers continue their journey into the wild west of mobile design.

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Create a frictionless mobile shopping experience

A seamless end-to-end mobile shopping experience is essential for capturing mobile shoppers. When your customers click on a Shopping ad, they expect to find relevant information and an easy checkout process. The single greatest impact you have on shaping your customer’s mobile shopping experience is through your product landing pages.

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Red Hat Tool Estimates Enterprise Mobile App Complexity, Cost — ADTmag

Red Hat Inc. today published an online tool that helps organizations estimate the complexity involved and time required to build a mobile app depending upon answers to a questionnaire. By answering 10 questions in the Mobile App Assessment Tool, line-of-business staffers, IT decision-makers and mobile development managers can get a report estimating the complexity, time and cost involved in developing individual mobile apps, the company said.

Link: Red Hat Tool Estimates Enterprise Mobile App Complexity, Cost — ADTmag

Best Practices When Using Cloud-Based Apps

In a world where apps dominate our mobile devices, businesses of all sizes are finally recognizing the benefits of cloud technology and how it helps improve productivity and streamline business operations. In fact, according to Emergent Research, 78% of small businesses will be fully adapted to the cloud by 2020.

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This game changing lawsuit will change the enterprise cloud forever

For years, traditional enterprise IT systems like Oracle (ORCL) and SAP were losing to a new class of enterprise systems, mainly form Salesforce (CRM). This growth seemed to be unstoppable. Salesforce earnings calls turned into sales pitches outlining how Salesforce was taking customers from…

Link: This game changing lawsuit will change the enterprise cloud forever

Audio by ThisWeekIn on Apple Podcasts

There are two things that startups need: money and growth. Money is the fuel, and growth happens typically through investments, and through making better products and technique. Filmed at LAUNCH Festival 2017, Jason interviews an all-star panel of investor thought leaders. Gil Penchina is a super angel of super angels that has dominated the syndicate space.

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