12 tips to curb data usage in Android

At a time when a great deal of business is conducted on the go using smartphones, it’s become even more important to be conscious of how much data you’re using. Whether you’re using your own phone or one issued by your company, mobile data is money — and if you don’t optimize your phone to handle it intelligently, you’re throwing dollars down the drain.

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Cyber security is a ‘people problem’ – Information Age

‘It is still the case that technical IT security disciplines don’t always get their share of respect, yet these are the people at the front line defending systems and companies from attack and keeping one step ahead of the cyber criminals’Over 80% of security professionals identify ‘people’ as…

Link: Cyber security is a ‘people problem’ – Information Age
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Nothing new in UK Govt cyber security survey

The 2017 UK Govt produced Cyber Security Breaches Survey is out and it says nothing new. Across 66 pages it repeats what businesses and the industry already know. Businesses are under prepared, under skilled and prone to cyber security breaches. What is worrying is that this is a situation that…

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Introduction to Microsoft To-Do

Share with friends. Microsoft launched yesterday a new cloud service called Microsoft To-Do. The aim of new service is to provide users with simple and familiar looking tool to plan a day. The new service comes with nice looking web interface and there are also apps available for most popular platforms, including Windows and Windows Phone.

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Microsoft plans to use Hyper-V to run Linux containers on Windows Server

Developers will soon be able to run Linux containers natively on Windows Server using the company’s Hyper-V container isolation tools, Microsoft said at Dockercon 2017 yesterday.
Windows Server 2016 already provides support for Docker containers, but it’s a complicated process to run them as…

Link: Microsoft plans to use Hyper-V to run Linux containers on Windows Server
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Tencent’s WeChat Abolishes Tipping Feature on Apple iPhones

Tencent Holdings Ltd. is shutting down a popular feature on WeChat that allows iPhone users to tip emoji and content creators to comply with Apple Inc.’s policy on in-app purchases.After months of negotiations, Tencent said on its official WeChat account it “regrettably” had to abolish the…

Link: Tencent’s WeChat Abolishes Tipping Feature on Apple iPhones
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Microsoft Launches To-Do App For iOS

Microsoft’s mobile efforts with regards to its own operating system and hardware haven’t exactly been doing well, although we guess admittedly it’s hard to compete against juggernauts like Apple and Google with their iOS and Android platforms. Instead in recent times Microsoft has opted for a slightly different strategy, which is if you can’t beat them, join them.

Link: Microsoft Launches To-Do App For iOS
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