Microsoft wants to school Google’s Chromebook

Pop quiz: Which tech company is the most popular in schools? Answer: Google, by a mile. And Microsoft hopes to change that. The software giant is planning to hold an event in New York on Tuesday during which it’s expected to discuss new software for schools, and even a new low-cost PC designed to compete with other computer makers on price and Apple’s iPads on functionality.

Link: Microsoft wants to school Google’s Chromebook

Microsoft reinstates My People for Windows 10, connecting you to your BFFs

Microsoft’s feature for connecting you to close friends, known as My People, may have been cut from the Creators Update, but it has resurfaced as part of the latest Windows Insider build (16184) for Windows 10 PCs. With the Creators Update finished, Microsoft is now working on the next major update of Windows 10, known as Redstone While the initial builds of Redstone 3 focused on framework, Microsoft appears to have moved on to adding features: namely, the My People “experience,” and a richer Focused Inbox for those who use Gmail with Windows 10 Mail.

Link: Microsoft reinstates My People for Windows 10, connecting you to your BFFs

The Apple and Samsung Profit Recipe

[Apple and Samsung are sucking the oxygen out of the room. What’s the recipe of their profits and why are all the other OEMs struggling? In this reiteration of April 2012’s Mobile Insider, VisionMobile analyst Stijn Schuermans gives insight into sustainability and profits in the handset…

Link: The Apple and Samsung Profit Recipe
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KIT-CERT Checklist for Linux Forensics
This document outlines our initial actions to
investigate a potentially compromised Linux system. It assumes that the reader
has a good technical understanding of how Linux systems work. This is basically
a copy/paste list of things to do in a certain…

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Does your E-commerce Need Progressive Web Apps to develop?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA’are still a new concept, but their upside cannot be denied. They aim to use advances in browser technology to deliver users a comprehensive mobile app experience, without any of the hassle associated with locating, downloading, installing, and updating the app. All the user has to do is go to the url in their browser or via a shortcut on their desktop or mobile home screen.

Link: Does your E-commerce Need Progressive Web Apps to develop?

Cloud Earnings: Microsoft, Google and IBM Surge While AWS Dominates

Days after Google Cloud chief Diane Greene told a gathering of tech leaders that her outfits has a “good shot” at catching Amazon Web Services (AWS) within five years, simultaneous earnings releases by three of the biggest cloud vendors suggest the senior vice president might have her work cut out for her.

Link: Cloud Earnings: Microsoft, Google and IBM Surge While AWS Dominates