Apple starts rejecting apps with “hot code push” features

From :Does Rollout comply to Apple’s Guidelines? Yes. As per Apple’s official guidelines, does NOT alter binaries. … With over 50 million devices already running our SDK, it is safe to say that Rollout complies with with Apple’s development and App…

Link: Apple starts rejecting apps with “hot code push” features

5 Good Android Audio Recording Apps for Teachers

March 2017 Looking for some good Android audio recording apps, the list below has you covered. These are some popular apps ( based on users reviews) for recording and sharing audio clips in Google Play Store. While they differ in the features they provide in that some have advanced functionalities but they are all easy and simple to use.

Link: 5 Good Android Audio Recording Apps for Teachers

Be afraid: Wikileaks reveals CIA is hacking Android, iOS and even smart TVs

A new release of thousands of top secret documents from the Central Intelligence Agency by Wikileaks has revealed for the first time that the Agency is not only able to, but is actively hacking a wide variety of smart devices including smart televisions.
The “Year Zero” release, the first part of…

Link: Be afraid: Wikileaks reveals CIA is hacking Android, iOS and even smart TVs

Save time with shortcuts in the Asana mobile apps

Inspiration can strike when you least expect it, so you need a speedy way to capture your thoughts before you lose them. And sometimes you want to quickly check in on work during that 1 minute you have between meetings.
The Asana iOS and Android apps were already great for this, but they’re even…

Link: Save time with shortcuts in the Asana mobile apps

Bechtel Opens Industrial Cyber Security Lab

Global engineering and construction giant Bechtel has opened a new cyber security lab aimed at protecting industrial equipment and software that control facilities such as power plants, chemical plants, and other large-scale critical infrastructure operations. With the goal of protecting industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems from cyber threats, Bechtel says the lab will leverage its experience designing and implementing National Institute of Standards and Technology Risk Management Framework (NIST-RMF) solutions for its government customers.

Link: Bechtel Opens Industrial Cyber Security Lab

Apple, Google, Microsoft in crosshairs of WikiLeaks allegations

SAN FRANCISCO — The tech industry just can’t shake the ghost of Edward Snowden. Nearly a year after a unified front of companies fought the FBI’s attempt to hack the encrypted iPhone of a terrorist, the biggest consumer tech names (Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft) are facing a deep and multi-fronted new series of allegations that federal authorities can override their best efforts at security.

Link: Apple, Google, Microsoft in crosshairs of WikiLeaks allegations

AMD targets Xeon CPU with Zen-based Naples

Following the big splash AMD caused with its Ryzen processors, the firm has now revealed initial details on its ‘Naples’ CPUs destined for servers and data centres. These processors are built on the same Zen architecture as Ryzen, and will be delivered in models with up to 32-cores, boasting what AMD describes as ‘superior’ memory bandwidth.

Link: AMD targets Xeon CPU with Zen-based Naples