Microsoft calls it quits on Groove Music

Microsoft is saying buh-bye to its streaming music and download service, Groove Music. As of Dec. 31 the subscription service will no longer exist, the company said on Monday. Instead, Microsoft said it’s partnering with rival service Spotify. Anyone with a subscription to Groove will be able to move their curated playlists and collection from Groove to Spotify.

Link: Microsoft calls it quits on Groove Music

4 Best Android Email Clients for 2017 [Reviewed]

On my Desktop, Thunderbird does a fine job of managing my email accounts. However, as it’s not available on Android phone, I had to do some digging to find a good email client for Android.
Thankfully, there are a bunch of good email apps for Android to easily manage emails on the go. And after…

Link: 4 Best Android Email Clients for 2017 [Reviewed]

TSB moves to Microsoft cloud applications

TSB bank is using cloud-based applications from Microsoft to improve internal communications and help it better service its customers. The bank is using Microsoft 365 Enterprise to provide productivity tools to its 8,500 UK staff, along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage customers, with information about them provided to staff.

Link: TSB moves to Microsoft cloud applications

Apple Watch Series 3 review: better late than never

It’s been two and a half years since Apple came along and, in one stroke, legitimised the smartwatch market. April 24, 2015, was when the first Apple Watch was released, and since then – whatever you think of the product in any of its iterations – you cannot accuse the company of being lazy. Apple is now on its fourth version with the new Watch and there are even more if you are kind and count the ceramic, 18-karat gold, Nike and Hermes as separate offerings.

Link: Apple Watch Series 3 review: better late than never

A framework for building iOS and Android apps in Go

The thing with frameworks like this is that the time invested could be lost if the framework looses traction. I am very hesitant to use a framework like this for anything serious and business-oriented.

Thats true, however in the long term, we need a react liked framework that solves…

Link: A framework for building iOS and Android apps in Go

Why Apple iPhone X Is Two Years Ahead of Android Devices

Apple’s upcoming iPhone X has one feature that is far ahead of its Android-based competitors.That’s the argument by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who told investors in a research note on Monday that the iPhone X’s facial-scanning feature, Face ID, puts it one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half…

Link: Why Apple iPhone X Is Two Years Ahead of Android Devices

CISO: Think about how your customers actually use your mobile apps

It’s not every day that a veteran chief information security officer (CISO) pens a book that blasts the mobile community for torpedoing enterprise security, so when I had a chance to read Barak Engel’s new book “Why CISOs Fail Security,” it seemed worthwhile. And it was. The core argument in Engel’s book is that CISOs tend to not adequately think through mobile security, which results in them putting out seemingly secure systems that don’t work anywhere near as well as what was intended when deployed.

Link: CISO: Think about how your customers actually use your mobile apps