Microsoft Issues Financial Warning Because of Coronavirus

SEATTLE — Microsoft on Wednesday said its sales in the current quarter would be lower than it had previously predicted because of coronavirus-related disruptions in Chinese manufacturing.While its fast-growing cloud computing business is not affected, the company said its personal computing…

Link: Microsoft Issues Financial Warning Because of Coronavirus

​Microsoft warns it might miss revenue guidance because of coronavirus

Microsoft became the latest tech giant to warn the coronavirus outbreak would affect its performance, saying revenue in the business segment that includes its Windows operating system and Surface devices would likely miss earlier forecasts. The software giant issued revenue guidance last month for its More Personal Computing segment of between $10.75 billion and $11.15 billion for its fiscal third quarter, which ends in March.

Link: ​Microsoft warns it might miss revenue guidance because of coronavirus

Linux for Dummies: Introduction

If you have thought about migrating from Windows to a Unix operating system, or Linux specifically there are things you should know. The goal is to give essential information (and not) to take the first steps in the world of the “penguin”.
What is Linux?
With the word Linux we commonly refer to…

Link: Linux for Dummies: Introduction

Steps for Successful Mobile App Adoption

I’ve been designing and marketing websites and businesses for over 24 years and prior to this I worked in sales, marketing and big business for almost 18 years… which makes me not only old, but also highly experienced at this marketing and Internet stuff. I’ve won lots of awards and helped thousands of people, and this website is a testament to the information I share freely to help others succeed online.

Link: Steps for Successful Mobile App Adoption

The Teracube Android phone takes a different approach to sustainability

Teracube is a unique company within the Android market. They claim to be the world’s most reliable smartphone, but they accomplish this feat in a way no other company has dared to attempt. Let me set the stage. On average, a person will keep a smartphone for about two years. After that two years, one of two things happen:.

Link: The Teracube Android phone takes a different approach to sustainability

The Rewind: iPod touch 7thgen a legit Apple Arcade console?

It’s been about eight months since I first reviewed the 7th-generation iPod touch, and since that time both iOS 13 and Apple Arcade, two releases that significantly affect the hardware, have been released. How well has the iPod touch 7 held up since that time, and should you still consider an iPod in 2020?

Link: The Rewind: iPod touch 7thgen a legit Apple Arcade console?

OneNote Gets Dark Mode Support on Android

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Link: OneNote Gets Dark Mode Support on Android