Microsoft Updates Azure IoT Platform: Adds Connectivity, Time Series Insights and Edge Analytics

Microsoft has recently made some announcements regarding their Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities within Azure. These announcements coincide with the Hannover Messe Industrial Automation conference that was recently held. Microsoft’s news includes adding a new service called Azure Time Series…

Link: Microsoft Updates Azure IoT Platform: Adds Connectivity, Time Series Insights and Edge Analytics

FinPal Australia’s first FinTech solution certified for Microsoft AppSource

Australian financial planning software provider, FinPal, today announced its financial planning software solution is available on Microsoft AppSource. FinPal’s financial planning software is a sophisticated client & business management system – built upon Microsoft’s cloud-based services Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI – providing a comprehensive set of financial planning, intelligence reporting, and management tools through one platform.

Link: FinPal Australia’s first FinTech solution certified for Microsoft AppSource

Apple Looks to NASA as Possible Apple Car Revs Up

Apple has quietly poached important talent from NASA to help it rev up its Apple Car. The California Department of Motor Vehicles this week revealed six Apple employees who are authorized to ride in the company’s self-driving car tests. Among them are prominent NASA employees, including Shilpa Gulati, an “experience roboticist” who previously helped created a vehicle that could used to explore one of Jupiter’s moons.

Link: Apple Looks to NASA as Possible Apple Car Revs Up

Tiny Linux distro that runs the entire OS as Docker containers

This is starting to smell like a system on top of a system to fix something that could be fixed in the system. Kind-of like implementing a filesystem on top op a filesystem… or putting a database on a filesystem to run another filesystem inside the database, or using a webbrowser as a runtime…

Link: Tiny Linux distro that runs the entire OS as Docker containers

7 Great Apps For Collaboration In Startups

The Apps You Need For Effective Collaboration In Startups
It is one thing for established corporations and organizations to foster a collaborative culture. But in small startups, often working with remote team members and contract workers, it magnifies the challenge. Keeping all members focused…

Link: 7 Great Apps For Collaboration In Startups

Your Rubrik for the Cloud

Rubrik has announced their latest revision of their Cloud Data Management solution, version 3.The new release has some “Snazzy” new features according to one unnamed source from the Rubrik technical marketing team, but I’m focused mainly on one specific capability in this post. I’ve written about Rubrik several times before and have written some of the vRealize Orchestrator workflows for automating deployments with the Rubrik appliance.

Link: Your Rubrik for the Cloud

Salesforce Achieves Green Cloud Milestone

Salesforce announced Thursday that it has achieved net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and carbon neutral cloud delivery for all customers, in a blog post, citing the universal impact of climate change. The company is operating with net-zero emissions by purchasing high efficiency equipment and investments like virtual power purchase agreements. Two such agreements in 2016 for a combined 64 megawatts of wind power, Salesforce says.

Link: Salesforce Achieves Green Cloud Milestone