AMD vs Intel showdown: what’s the best gaming CPU?

When it comes to choosing a processor for PC gaming, there are only two contenders: Intel and AMD. As part of TechRadar’s PC Gaming Week, we’ve pitted the two titans of the CPU world against each other. In the red corner, we have AMD, the plucky pretender to the throne that’s had a rough few years out in the wilderness, but has now come out swinging with its new line of Ryzen CPUs.

Link: AMD vs Intel showdown: what’s the best gaming CPU?

Report exposes UK firms’ cyber-security training gap

Only 20% of UK businesses have had staff attend any form of cyber-security training in the last 12 months, according to the Government’s new findings. The new report by the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport reveals non-specialist staff are particularly unlikely to have attended training. Find out more about Tackling Data Breaches in Modern Retail in Retail Week’s new interactive guide, sponsored by Cisco.

Link: Report exposes UK firms’ cyber-security training gap

Micron, Microsoft announce collaboration

Micron Technology and Microsoft have announced a collaboration that aims to address the major challenge of providing trusted computing models for IoT deployments in industrial, automotive and consumer environments. As digitization and adoption of Internet Protocol (IP) for sensors and devices becomes increasingly pervasive, cyber-security is one of the biggest challenges and barriers to the growth of IoT deployments and associated business models.

Link: Micron, Microsoft announce collaboration

The best free software for your gaming PC

So you’ve bought yourself a gaming PC or built one from scratch. Now it’s sitting in pride of place in your office, just waiting to be pushed to its limits. Whatever the origin, that humming mass of silicon and plastic is in need of superior software to take it to said limits. The catch? You’ve blown all your cash on your rig and now your bank balance is looking decidedly depleted.

Link: The best free software for your gaming PC

Best Linux Distros for Gaming in 2017

Gaming in Linux has evolved a lot in the past few years. Now, you have dozens of distros pre-optimized for gaming and gamers. We tested all of them and hand-picked the best. There are a few other articles and lists of this type out there, but they don’t really go into detail and they are pretty outdated.

Link: Best Linux Distros for Gaming in 2017

Huawei Honor 8 Android Phone

Key Features… Sophisticated hardware allows this mobile phone to meet all your toughest smartphone demands 4G and Dual-IMEI numbers bring along top-notch connectivity Stylish full metal body makes this phone durable and a true eye-catcher 12MP Dual-Camera lets you shoot professional-grade pictures and video alike.

Link: Huawei Honor 8 Android Phone

a16z by a16z on Apple Podcasts

a16z Podcast: QR. AR. VR. a16z Podcast: The Future of… You. a16z Podcast: Tech and Entertainment in the ‘Era of Mass Customization’ a16z Podcast: Brains, Bodies, Minds … and Techno-Religions. a16z Podcast: When Will Genomics Live Up to the Hype? “Punch above your weight” — If there’s one thing…

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